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Whitehouse & Cooper Areas of Practice

We focus on practice areas that can make or break businesses.

In order for small businesses and startups to grow and thrive, they need to minimize risk and make the best use of every dollar. Contracts and agreements must be able to hold up against disputes. Marketing initiatives must comply with regulatory standards. Internet-based services and platforms must be leveraged ethically and securely, and a data retention policy should be in place.

Whitehouse & Cooper focuses on the emerging and constantly evolving areas of law that are critically important to small and startup organizations – Business Law, Marketing Law, Technology Law and e-Discovery. We also assist in areas of law that commonly overlap, including Employment Law, Regulatory Compliance and Environmental Law, and we offer legal guidance to nonprofit organizations.
Any business that expects to be competitive needs properly structured contracts, an effective, compliant marketing strategy and online presence, and a formal data retention policy. We can provide legal guidance in these areas that are essential to the success of any company, but especially small businesses.


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Business Law

Whitehouse & Cooper understands the legal issues that keep small business owners up at night. You need to feel confident that contracts and agreements are structured properly in order to protect your interests and minimize risk.

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Technology Law

Whitehouse & Cooper has an extensive technology background which you can utilize to meet your business’ needs. Our technology law attorneys are available to meet with you in Orlando, Tampa, and Clermont. We also have options to meet with you virtually.

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Solutions for MSPs

Whether your company is considered a Value Added Reseller (VAR), Managed Service Provider (MSP), Solutions Integrator, Solutions Designer, Certified Partner, outsource provider, or any other term of art in the IT industry, Whitehouse & Cooper understands your legal needs.

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Marketing Law

Our approach bridges the gap between marketing departments and the other areas of the company. To ensure compliance, everyone in the company must subscribe to the policies and procedures in place. Problems can arise when rogue departments or individuals do what they think is best with regard for the company’s internal controls.

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Electronic Discovery

We can engage throughout the entire e-Discovery process or provide limited services as needed (e.g., consultations regarding data collection, preparation for meet and confer conferences, draft or review protective orders, devise an early case assessment strategy, etc.).

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Whitehouse & Cooper also helps business owners preserve their wealth for future generations and minimize conflict by crafting a business governance document.

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